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The Lynn Morris Band - Shape Of A Tear

A portion ($0.50) of the proceeds from all sales of Shape Of A Tear sold by the Lynn Morris Band goes to the subsidy fund for Spay USA.  These proceeds will go directly to, and only for, spay-neuter for some of the neediest cases in the country.  Thank you for helping the animals!

Shape Of A Tear

CD - $15

The newest recording from the three-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year, featuring fellow IBMA Fiddle Player of the Year Ron Stewart, as well as Marshall Wilborn and Jesse Brock, with a guest appearance by Junior Brown. With 15 years as the leader of one of the tightest and most soulful bands in the business, Lynn finds the heart of each song she sings. Genuine bluegrass doesn't come any better.

Song Titles
01 - Good Love (Mary Flower)
02 - Gonna Have Love (Buck Owens - Red Simpson)
03 - Shape Of A Tear (Hugh Campbell)
04 - Goodby To The Blues (Marshall Wilborn)
05 - I Wish It Would Rain (Nancy Griffith)
06 - Road Rage (Ron Stewart)
07 - I'll Take Them With Me (Marshall Wilborn)
08 - Lonesome Highway Blues (Barry Tashian - Herb McCollough)
09 - Shoulder To Shoulder (Dallas Frazier)
10 - Move It On Over (Hank Williams)
11 - Don't Neglect The Rose (Emma L. Smith)
12 - I Know What You're Talking About (Charlie & Ira Louvin)

Lynn Morris - guitar, lead and harmony vocals, clawhammer banjo
Marshall Wilborn - bass, vocals

Jesse Brock - mandolin
Ron Stewart - banjo, fiddle, lead guitar mandolin

Special Guests
Junior Brown - pedal steel and harmony vocal (track 2)
Rob Ickes
- dobro (tracks 1 & 3)
Dudley Connell
- harmony vocal (tracks 9 & 12)

Rounder Records
Release Date:  2003

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The Lynn Morris Band
The Lynn Morris Band

CD - $15
Cassette - $10

Self-titled debut album that launched the Lynn Morris Band's unique sound onto the national scene. A few short months after its release, five of the albums 12 tracks occupied the Bluegrass Top 30 chart, including the #1 "You'll Get No More of Me." Featuring five LMB originals and introducing 22 year-old Ronnie McCoury, six-time IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year.

Song Titles
01 - My Heart Skips a Beat (Buck Owens)
02 - You'll Get No More of Me (Hazel Dickens)
03 - Adams County Breakdown instrumental (Tom Adams)
04 - Black Pony (Marshall Wilborn)
05 - Come Early Morning (Bob McDill)
06 - Help Me Climb that Mountain (Lynn Morris)
07 - Kisses Don't Lie (Pearl Butler-G. Sherry)
08 - Handy Man (Carl Sauceman-Billy Willey)
09 - What Was I Supposed to Do (Sam Humphrey-Paul Williams)
10 - If Lonely Was the Wind (Marshall Wilborn)
11 - Don't Tell Me Stories (Lynn Morris-Marshall Wilborn)
12 - Valley of Peace (Charlie Monroe)

Lynn Morris - guitar, lead and harmony vocals, clawhammer banjo on "Black Pony"
Marshall Wilborn - bass, lead and harmony vocals
Tom Adams - banjo, harmony vocals, guitar on "Black Pony"
Ronnie McCoury - mandolin
Ray Legere - fiddle

Rounder 0276
Release Date:  1990
Produced by The Lynn Morris Band

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The Lynn Morris Band - The Bramble & The Rose
The Bramble and The Rose

CD - $15
Cassette - $10

Critically acclaimed 2nd album teamed the LMB with Flecktones engineer Bil VornDick and fiddler Stuart Duncan (Nashville Bluegrass Band).  The result - some of the band's most requested songs including four LMB originals, "Coat of Many Colors" and the title track "The Bramble and The Rose."

Song Titles
01 - Blue Skies and Teardrops (Mike Williams)
02 - Coat of Many Colors (Dolly Parton)
03 - The Engineers Don't Wave From the Trains Anymore (Tom T. Hall)
04 - Why Tell Me Why (Jim Eanes-Lora Lowry)
05 - Love Grown Cold (Lynn Morris)
06 - The Bramble and The Rose (Barbara Keith)
07 - I'll Pretend It's Raining (Jim Eanes)
08 - Hey Porter (Johnny Cash)
09 - New Patches (Leonard Sipes)
10 - My Younger Days (Marshall Wilborn)
11 - Red Line to Shady Grove instrumental (Tom Adams)
12 - Heartstrings (Marshall Wilborn)

Lynn Morris- lead and harmony vocals, rhythm guitar, clawhammer banjo on "The Engineers Don't Wave From the Trains Anymore"
Marshall Wilborn - lead and harmony vocals, bass
David McLaughlin - mandolin, lead guitar on "Hey Porter," harmony vocals on "The Bramble and The Rose" and "Why Tell Me Why"
Tom Adams - banjo
Stuart Duncan - fiddle

Rounder 0288
Release Date:  1992
Produced by Ken Irwin

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Lynn Morris - Mama's Hand
Mama's Hand

CD - $15
Cassette - $10

Producer Lynn Morris earned her first Vocalist of the Year and Song of the Year honors at the 1996 International Bluegrass Music Association awards show.  Great performance and song selection including the award-winning title cut "Mama's Hand" and two Lynn Morris instrumentals.

Song Titles
01 - Walking The Blues (Pete Goble-Leroy Drumm)
02 - Freight Train Blues (John Lair)
03 - It Rains Everywhere I Go (Don Cusic)
04 - Tell Me How To Mend A Broken Heart (Marshall Wilborn)
05 - Mama's Hand (Hazel Dickens)
06 - Old Rip instrumental (Lynn Morris)
07 - No One Has To Tell Me (What Love Is) (N. Montgomery-T.Carney)
08 - Wishful Thinking (Wynn Stewart)
09 - Dancing In The Hog Trough instrumental (Lynn Morris)
10 - I Can Call Jesus
11 - Ain't Necessarily So (Beth Nielson Chapman)
12 - Mason's Lament (Chris Brashear)

Lynn Morris - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (except where noted), lead guitar on "I Can Call Jesus," banjo on "Dancing In The Hog Trough," and clawhammer banjo on "Old Rip"
Marshall Wilborn - bass, lead and harmony vocals on 1, 3, 7, 8, 10
David McLaughlin - mandolin, lead guitar (except where noted), harmony vocals on 1, 7, 8, 12
Tom Adams - banjo (except where noted)
Suzanne Cox - harmony vocals on 5, 12
Chris Jones - rhythm guitar on 6
Dudley Connell - rhythm guitar on 9
Robert Bowlin - fiddle on 8, 12
Stuart Duncan - fiddle on 5, 9

Rounder 0328
Release Date:  1995
Produced by Lynn Morris

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Lynn Morris - You'll Never Be The Sun
You'll Never Be the Sun

CD - $15
Cassette - $10

First album with Lynn's killer road band - Marshall Wilborn, Jesse Brock and Ron Stewart (2000 IBMA Fiddle Player of the Year) - You'll Never Be the Sun captures the contagious energy the LMB delivers onstage.  Great collection of songs on this best-selling CD.

Song Titles
01 - The Likes of You (Darrell Edwards)
02 - Love Beyond (James Leva)
03 - You'll Never Be the Sun (Donagh Long)
04 - Destination Love (Leiber-Stoller)
05 - Twister instrumental (Ron Stewart)
06 - If Teardrops Were Pennies (Carl Butler)
07 - Long Train of Fools (Barry Tashian-Jon Robbins)
08 - Scraps From Your Table (Hazel Dickens)
09 - Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine (Pee Wee King-Redd Stewart)
10 - Wrong Road Again (Allen Reynolds)
11 - Seventeen Cents (Jody Stecher)
12 - The River (Bill Grant-Ray Pool)

Lynn Morris - guitar, vocals, clawhammer banjo on "Seventeen Cents"
Marshall Wilborn - bass, vocals
Jesse Brock - mandolin
Ron Stewart - banjo, fiddle, low tenor harmony vocal on "Scraps From Your Table"
David McLaughlin - lead guitar on "Twister"

Rounder 0458
Release Date:  1999
Produced by Lynn Morris

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The Lynn Morris Band - Spay Your Pet


Spay Your Pet

CD - $5

The Lynn Morris Band
Release Date:   1998
A Public Service Announcement for Radio Airplay
Produced by Lynn Morris

Lynn Morris has been dedicated to the humane treatment of animals for many years. In particular, she has worked with SPAY/USA to encourage pet owners to spay/neuter their pets.  "It's a fun song with an important message."  You can help by sending a copy to your local bluegrass radio show.

5 Selections of the song "Spay Your Pet" (Tom Adams)

01 - Music with Lynn's spoken message and 800# for SPAY USA (with cat purring at the end)
02 - Music with Lynn and Dudley Connell's spoken message
03 - Music with Tom T. Hall's spoken message
04 - Music with 20-second space -donut- for your message
05 - Music Only - (with cat purring at the end)

Lynn Morris - guitar and vocals
Marshall Wilborn - bass and vocals
David McLaughlin - mandolin
Ron Stewart - banjo and fiddle
Dudley Connell - vocals and voice on 2
Tom T. Hall - voice on 3
Peach and Baby-O - purring on 1, 5

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Marshall Wilborn - Root 5
Marshall Wilborn
Root 5: Bass & Banjo

CD - $15

"...with just the banjo and the bass fiddle"...13 irresistible tunes with Marshall Wilborn's impeccable timing and 10 of today's finest pickers (Marshall himself picks up the ol' five for a tune).  These duets (and a trio with Lynn trading clawhammer breaks with Tom Adams' three-finger style) are a wonderful addition to your LMB collection.  Includes Lynn's original "Benny's Revenge." A great CD from one of the premiere bassists in bluegrass music today.

Song Titles and Featured Banjo Players
01 - You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming  Ron Stewart
02 - Careless Love  Marshall Wilborn
03 - Owensboro Hop  Pete Wernick
04 - Lady of Spain  Tom Adams
05 - Holland Holiday  Alan Munde
06 - Muleshoe  Tony Furtado
07 - Little Rock Getaway  Craig Smith
08 - The Old Folks At Home  David McLaughlin
09 - High Steppin'  Pete Wernick
10 - Benny's Revenge  Lynn Morris and Tom Adams
11 - Banjo Hop  Scott Vestal
12 - I've Been All Around This World  Ron Stewart with Marshall Wilborn, vocal
13 - Oh, Susanna  David McLaughlin

Marshall Wilborn - acoustic bass, banjo, vocal
David McLaughlin - tenor banjo, snare drum
And on Banjo: Tom Adams, Tony Furtado (dobro-banjo), Lynn Morris, Alan Munde, Craig Smith, Ron Stewart, Scott Vestal and Pete Wernick.

Pinecastle 1094
Release Date:  1999
Produced by Marshall Wilborn

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Ron Stewart - Time Stands Still
Ron Stewart
Time Stands Still

CD - $15

Multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Ron Stewart takes center stage for his debut solo outing on "Time Stands Still."  Innovation, spark and drive abound in the 13 tunes presented here, including six originals. IBMA's 2000 Fiddle Player of the Year delivers equally strong performances on banjo, guitar and vocals. Fellow bandmates Marshall Wilborn and Jesse Brock from the Lynn Morris Band join Ron and guests on one of 2001's best discs.

Song Titles
01 - The Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind (A. Smith)
02 - Blue Fiddler instrumental (Ron Stewart)
03 - Time Stands Still (Ron Stewart)
04 - Black and Tan instrumental (Ron Stewart)
05 - Don't Ever Take My Picture Down (Lou Wayne-Moon Mullican)
06 - Stewart's Dream instrumental (Frank & Ron Stewart)
07 - Riding the Saranac instrumental (Ron Stewart)
08 - Gonna Have Myself a Ball (Lester Flatt)
09 - Fiddler's Dream instrumental (public domain)
10 - Gotta Travel On (Larry Ehrlich-Ronnie Gilbert-Lee Hays-Fred Hellerman-David Lazar-Pete Seeger)
11 - Whistling Rufus instrumental (public domain)
12 - She's My Girl (Ron Stewart)
13 - Soldier's Joy instrumental (public domain)

Ron Stewart - fiddle, banjo (except where noted), lead guitar, rhythm guitar 3, 8, lead vocal 1, 3, 8, 12, baritone vocal 3, all instruments on "Riding the Saranac"
Jesse Brock - mandolin
Dudley Connell - rhythm guitar (except where noted)
Rob Ickes - resophonic guitar
Sammy Shelor - banjo 9, 13
Wayne Taylor - acoustic bass 8, lead vocal 10, tenor vocal 1, 3
Marshall Wilborn - acoustic bass (except where noted), lead vocal 5

Rounder 0479
Release Date:  2001
Produced by Lynn Morris

Order the CD from Jesse

Jesse Brock - Kickin Grass
Jesse Brock
Kickin' Grass

CD - $15

Kickin' Grass is Jesse Brock's debut release on Pinecastle Records. Jesse is no stranger to the world of bluegrass. He has been performing professionally since the young age of 9, beginning in his family's band. From the family band, Jesse went on to perform with the New England-based band, Stonewall Bluegrass, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, and Lynn Morris. Jesse is currently touring as the mandolin player for The Lynn Morris Band. Kickin' Grass demonstrates Jesse's crystal clear mandolin picking as well as his vocal abilities. The song selection on Kickin' Grass appeals to traditional as well as contemporary bluegrass fans alike.

Song Titles
01 - Kickin' Grass instrumental (Jesse D. Brock)
02 - Georgia Stomp instrumental (David McLaughlin)
03 - You're The Best Of All The Leading Brands (Anthony "Smilie" Sutter)
04 - Roadrunner instrumental (Ron Stewart)
05 - She's No Angel (Wanda Ballman)
06 - Lil' Ben instrumental (Jesse D. Brock)
07 - Red Rooster instrumental (Jimmy Martin/Harold Denny)
08 - The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band (Mel Foree/Cliff Carlisle)
09 - Home Sweet Home instrumental (traditional)
10 - Mother Knows Best (Mac Wiseman)
11 - New Camptown Races instrumental (Frank Wakefield)
12 - Maury River Blues instrumental (David McLaughlin)

Jesse Brock - mandolin
Tom Adams - banjo
Jason Carter - fiddle
Jim Hurst - guitar
Rob Ickes - resophonic guitar
Jason Moore - bass
David McLaughlin - percussion
Lynn Morris - clawhammer banjo
Alan O'Bryant - vocals
Ron Stewart - banjo, guitar, fiddle, vocals
Wayne Taylor - vocals
Marshall Wilborn - bass

O_Christmas_Tree.jpg (25354 bytes) Various Artists
O Christmas Tree

CD - $15

"Come home to a bluegrass Christmas, perfectly suitedfor evoking the warmth of the holiday season.  Here are many of the top names in bluegrass, including Rhonda Vincent, Lynn Morris, James King and the Cox Family, along with surprises (the debut Rounder recording from country veteran Jeannie Kendall) and new discoveries (Alecia Nugent, the Shankman Twins and Open Road).  Played bluegrass-style, with acoustic instruments and sublime vocal harmonies, your favorite Christmas songs never sounded better!"

01 - Christmas Time's A Coming - Rhonda Vincent
02 - Christmas Is Near - Open Road
03 - Winter Wonderland - The Shankman Twins
04 - The Friendly Beasts - The Johnson Mountain Boys
05 - Beautiful Start of Bethlehem - Alecia Nugent
06 - Silver Bells - Ron Stewart
07 - Smoky Mountain Christmas - Jeannie Kendall
08 - Blue Christmas - Open Road
09 - Go Tell It On The Mountain - The Cox Family
10 - My LIttle Silver Bells - Bill Grant and Delia Bell
11 - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Lynn Morris
12 - Precious Child - Tony Trischka with Dudley Connell
13 - Here Comes Santa Claus - The Shankman Twins
14 - Call Collect On Christmas - James King Band
15 - O Christmas Tree - Rhonda Vincent
16 - O Come All Ye Faithful - Tony Trischka
17 - The First Noel/It Cam Upon A Midnight Clear/Joy To The World - Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver
18 - Auld Land Syne - Bill Keith

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